Published and Forthcoming

Optimal Contracting with Dynastic Altruism: Consumption and Family Size (joint with Larry Jones and Ali Shourideh), Journal of Economic Theory, 148 (2013), 1806-1840. [online appendix], [older version, appendix], [even older NBER WP]

Social Security is NOT a Substitute for Annuity Markets (joint with Nick Guo and Frank Caliendo), Review of Economic Dynamics, 17 (2014), 739-755.

Adverse Selection in the Annuity Market and the Role for Social Security, Journal of Political Economy, 123 (2015), 941-984.[online appendix]

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The Evolution of Health over the Life Cycle (joint with Karen Kopecky and Kai Zhao), Review of Economic Dynamics, 45 (2022), 237-263. [online appendix]

Working Papers

Reservation Wage and Unemployment Benefits (joint with Martin Gervais, and Larry F. Warren) - draft available soon.

How Important Is Health Inequality for Lifetime Earnings Inequality? (joint with Karen Kopecky and Kai Zhao). [online appendix] - revise and resubmit requested at the Review of Economic Studies.-updated draft: Feb 2024.

Inequality, Redistribution and Optimal Trade Policy: A Public Finance Approach (joint with Ali Shourideh).

Is There ‘Too Much’ Inequality in Health Spending Across Income Groups? (Joint with Laurence Ales and Larry Jones). [NBER Working Paper]

A Competitive Model of Annuity and Life Insurance with Nonexclusive Contracts

Research in Progress

Exorbitant privilege, Trade, and Distribution (joint with David Andolfatto)

Accounting for Differences in Health Spending and Health Outcomes Among OECD Countries (joint with Laurence Ales and Yue Li).